Welcome to NIMBLE Fitness,


The place to positively transform the way you look and feel about yourself. 


Variety is key when it comes to sticking-to and benefiting-from your exercise schedule. So, I create Personal Training and Female Group Fitness classes that combine; Pilates, cardio, resistance/strength, low impact/high impact, and functional movement, to sculpt NIMBLE, lean, healthy bods.  


In all of my coaching environments I teach you to move your body at the level that's right for you. 


- Jen



Personal Training | Female Group Fitness | LIT | Pilates | Pre + Post Natal


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Jen Hallot 

Founder & Head Trainer

* Award for Personal Training FitLink Australia & New Zealand

* International Studio Pilates Qualification 

* Certified member of New Zealand Registered Exercise Professionals (REPs)

* New Zealand Registered Pelvic Floor Safe Fitness Instructors

* Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training

* Level 3 & 4 Certificate in Fitness

* Level 4 Nutrition - Health and Wellness

* Award for Continence NZ Pelvic Floor Focus Workshop

* Current Comprehensive First Aid Certificate