What my lovely team has to say:

Jen keeps it fresh, motivates me to get out of bed in the morning and challenges me to push past my limits to help me achieve results after a hard workout.
Jen is warm, honest and is passionate about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle and it shows through her energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session.
Thank you Jen, you are the best.

~ Janine Stevens - Female Group Fitness

I have been going to Jen’s classes for a couple of years now. Best fitness classes I have been to, and have been to several.
Jen offers indoor and outdoor training depending on weather, so no getting wet!!
Jen’s classes involve cardio and strength training and you work at your own pace and if you need that little push she is there for you.
The ladies that attend are of all ages and everyone is very friendly.
Jen also offers nutritional advice if you are struggling with idea and always has great snack ideas. She has a great friendly personality.
Her classes have become my weekly ritual, thanks to Jen.

~ Jeanette Forsman - Female Group Fitness

I originally signed up for Jen's group fitness as the classes were close to where I lived and I just needed a bit of motivation to get exercising. I found myself becoming addicted to the classes and looking forward to them each week. Jen is supportive and encouraging, without acting like a drill sergeant, and demonstrates correct technique whenever required. She knows what everyone is capable of and always pushes us towards our limits. The vibe at each class is very friendly and welcoming and feels very much like a team with everyone working to their maximum. The location is great with workouts outside when daylight savings permits and always plenty of space. Variety in the workouts keeps you on your toes and is never boring - even when you think you know all of the exercises, another one is introduced which works different muscles and leaves you feeling sore the next day. The intensity is always high with lots of enthusiasm and the time seems to go by so fast. The classes get me out of bed in the morning and motivate me to get moving, while also providing a chance to meet and interact with like-minded people.

~ Katherine Paine - Female Group Fitness

I have been a NIMBLE personal training client and dedicated group fitnesses crew for over a three years now. Jen’s personal training sessions are always fun, tailored to my specific needs, and I am challenged to achieve my goals. The group sessions are just as motivating as the PT sessions and I love the social side of these – they are always varied, and I like the indoor/outdoor option that NIMBLE offers. I have met the most amazing group of women through the classes – it’s a super friendly and supportive environment which is great for people of all levels of fitness.
I love Jen’s healthy, balanced approach to weight loss and life in general. Jen makes it all seem so easy and, with her support, it is easy! I have changed my approach food, and I never try to find an excuse to skip bootcamp or personal training – I look forward to every session!

~ Paula Golsby - Personal Training and Female Group Fitness

Anyone thinking of joining our Female Group Fitness or new to the area? This is the perfect activity to improve fitness, develop friendships and enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people that love being outside enjoying a fabulous Matua sunrise.

Nothing like doing burpees and shuttle runs with a gorgeous view of the Mount, even if I am a little sore the next day.

What I love about Group Fitness is that everyone works at their own pace but are challenged by others around them. Jen is awesome at getting the most from her team!
I love my Tuesday's and Thursdays, I highly recommend it!

~ Andrea Hunt - Female Group Fitness

I was introduced to Jen 6 months after having my second baby, having not lost the weight from my first. I started with zero fitness (or enthusiasm!) and 6 months later I am stronger and fitter than I have been in years. The classes are great, both manageable and challenging for all fitness abilities. Jen is hugely encouraging and supportive, and I can't speak highly enough of the way she manages her awesome business.

~ Wendy B - Female Group Fitness

Jen's Nimble Fitness sessions are fantastic! They are always different so you get a well rounded workout. All exercises can be tailored to your level of fitness or ability and Jen is always offering words of encouragement. The group spirit is also very encouraging and all the ladies are a fantastic bunch to spend an early morning with. The option of being able to train indoors or outside is great, especially in the summer when it’s lighter earlier. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new and healthier lifestyle!

~ Stacey Levett - Female Group Fitness

I have been a member of NIMBLE Fitness for over 4 years and still find I am motivated and inspired by Jen at each session.
Jen explains clearly how to do the exercises, so our workouts are optimised to achieve maximum results. Each session is varied and no matter what your level of fitness or strength we all can work at our own pace and challenge ourselves individually while training in an awesome team environment. Jen is very supportive and encouraging with praise during training, and keeps a close eye on our technique. I highly recommend Jen, she absolutely rocks!

~ Maree Cvitanovich - Female Group Fitness